Communication Skills Assessment

Not all communication is relational. Often it is reactive and loaded with miscommunication. Excellent communication skills are relational because they take place in the context of a relationship and create connection. These skills can be learned and they can be assessed,

The Communication Skills Assessment looks at four main areas of communication:

  1. Receiving, gathering and processing information
  2. Constructing and delivering information
  3. Establishing a foundation for relationship
  4. Facing relationship challenges

This survey assesses 21 communication competencies and 107 behaviors that are the underpinnings of the competencies.

It can be used as a self-assessment or as a 360. When an entire team is assessed, the sources of miscommunication can be identified and the behaviors to focus on are very clear.

How to Get the Survey

The Communication Skills Assessment is available to both organizations and individuals. Please contact Barbara to discuss the best way to go forward with this assessment.

Example of a Competency: Listens Attentively and Respectfully

In the area of receiving, gathering and processing information, one of the competencies is:
Listens attentively and respectfully. The behaviors that support this competency are:

  1. Listens carefully to details, taking notes if necessary.
  2. Appears undistracted and attentive while listening (e.g. not multi-tasking).
  3. Waits for speaker to finish before responding (Doesn't finish sentences or disrupt with reactions and responses).
  4. Faces and makes comfortable eye contact with the person speaking.
  5. Uses nonverbal means (facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, sounds etc) to indicate interest in what is being said.
  6. Supports the speaker with simple verbal (e.g. uh huh) and nonverbal (e g. nodding) responses.
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