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Performance & Balance Training: Dynamic Tools for Work & Life

Does your organization need happier teams, higher employee effectiveness, and a way to attract and retain talent? This training goes to the heart of high performance. It provides the principles and the tools that individuals need to create ongoing balance, satisfaction and productivity.

Balance Is Not Optional

When workers are in a state of imbalance, mistakes are made, morale is low, productivity suffers, more days are lost to sick leave and retention is low. Being work-centric is not the problem and being less focused on work is not the solution. The solution rests in each person taking personal responsibility for both balance and effectiveness.

Elite Performance

You can’t create more time but you can create more energy through a disciplined approach to renewal. Like athletes who are capable of sustained, outstanding performance, elite performance at work requires physical, emotional and mental endurance. To get this level of performance, a balance of exertion and recovery is essential. This not only strengthens endurance but also prevents damage. The result is healthier, happier, and more engaged employees that have better focus, make fewer mistakes, and perform at a consistently high level.

The workshop provides the integrated framework, tools and techniques necessary to anchor personal change. It starts with an assessment and follows a streamlined, interactive process that concludes with a clear action plan that includes accountability.


  • Focus on areas where change is desired, anticipate resistance and move to constructive solutions
  • Skillfully manage the cycle of exertion and recovery in order to create renewal and energy
  • Distinguish being work-centric from being workaholic and monitor stress to create balance
  • Take renewal breaks for greater balance and limit interruptions for effectiveness
  • Use the worksheets and planners to carve out a realistic approach to an essential new habit
  • Commit to clear action steps, an accountability partner and plan for re-assessment
  • Utilize external resources as elaborated in the appendix


Participants take a 40-item Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment and sketch their profile according to four focus areas:

  • Self-care
  • Invest in potential
  • Manage relationships
  • Deepen resilience

The mind set for elite performance is established by discussing the six guiding principles for work-life integration, the hazards of multitasking, the role of focus in accomplishing goals and the role of intention and counter-intention in establishing personal changes.

Greater awareness of balance vs imbalance and good vs bad stress is linked with use of the Exertion-Recovery Quick Check form. New, energizing choices and habits are recommended for renewal and effectiveness.

After choosing a strategic goal, the Rewarding Rituals Worksheet is used to clarify layers of obstacles, potential support and further decisions that may be needed to integrate the new habit. The focus then shifts to how to re-set expectations of others, enlist support and deal with push-back.

Finally, a Progress Sheet for the new habit is completed, an accountability partner is located, and a Re-Assessment Plan is created.

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