Team & Group Coaching

Coaching can be utilized by an entire executive team, high potential team or a team charged with a strategic project. It can also be used with a group of peers who need to strengthen cross collaboration skills.

Team or group coaching has the unique ability to draw on the talents, skills and wisdom of all the participants for the benefit of entire group.

It is also a cost-effective way to both strengthen interpersonal skills and address complex business challenges with the support of a structure that provides feedback and accountability.

Coaching can take place with intact teams or groups from diverse parts of the organization. The coaching can take place live, virtually, or in combination.

Team Coaching

Team coaching takes place with intact teams. This type of coaching works best when at least the initial meetings are face-to-face. After that, some combination of face-to-face and virtual communication (phone or video) works well.

Sometimes it's useful to do live action coaching where the coach observes and coaches the team in real time, when the issues are clearly observable and affecting ongoing work performance.

Group coaching

Group coaching takes place with groups that are created due to similar interests or development needs. This is an excellent follow up to training and ensures that the training objectives will be well anchored.

Build Your Team

The Contact Zone™ Board Game is a great way to learn from each other regarding complex work situations and to practice giving and receiving feedback. It will help build trust in a safe, enjoyable way.

Benefits of Team or Group Coaching

  • High performing teams
  • Facilitated peer learning
  • Generating creative solutions for current challenges
  • Improved relationship effectiveness
  • Greater skill in giving and receiving both critical and supportive feedback
  • A structure of accountability for gaps in development
  • Application of new learning through practice and feedback
  • Greater political skill and organizational effectiveness

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