Facilitation for Groups and Relationships

There are times to focus more intensively on your team, organization or group. Sessions that are facilitated by a skilled, sensitive professional, will ensure that necessary processes will support the outcomes that are needed. The following areas outline where facilitation is most often used.

Vital Relationships

When a relationship that is strategic to the organization gets stuck or mired in conflict, a skilled third party can act as a catalyst to get it back on track.

Strategic Planning

When you need a clearer, more strategic vision to guide your organization. Or when your purpose, core values, and guiding principles are unclear. Strategies, goals, roles and responsibilities may also be areas of focus.

Conflict Resolution

When conflict has surfaced and needs to be mediated. Or when conflict has NOT surfaced and is bubbling out in subversive ways.

Team Building

When you have a newly formed team that needs to get up to speed quickly. Or when you have a high potential team that is lagging or not fulfilling it's potential.

Cross Group Collaboration

When diverse groups, with different agendas and needs, are required to come together for joint success.

Process Consulting

When a non-business issue is bogging down effective work-flow or blocking a business outcome.

Creative Thinking Sessions

When a group needs to think in constructive, productive and innovative ways formulaic thinking is not useful. A new approach is needed. Barbara excels at stimulating creative and strategic thinking.

"Barbara can quickly visualize where we are, our interpersonal dynamic, our current stage of OD and recommends specific actions for the staff to raise that level. Turning these ideas into action makes a concrete difference in the operation of our company.
--President, Environmental Science Consulting Firm

Next Steps: What You Can Expect

We begin with an initial assessment. This starts with an extended discussion, and may include an assessment tool or a series of interviews.

The preliminary assessment will lead to a deeper understanding of the political climate, interpersonal tensions, and organizational dynamics of your team. This understanding is a necessary element in crafting solutions for you and your organization.

We then collaborate with you to identify a cost effective, strategic path to target the solutions needed. Recommendations that may include facilitation, coaching, or training.

We only offer options that serve your best interests and that we can deliver with a high level of integrity and quality. We also draw on carefully screened strategic alliances with other highly qualified professionals, to deliver results you require.

Call Barbara to discuss what would work best for your organization.

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