Tools for Organizations

The following materials can bring inexpensive, added support to your team or organization. All of these items are available either as a core feature of a current training or as add-ons to the core materials. In all cases, they can be adapted to your organization's specific needs. A sample can be made available upon request.

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Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment
Work-life effectiveness is the foundation for high performance. It's rooted in skills, principles and practices that bring about a state of balance. Balance is a dynamic dance that depends on knowledge of where to focus one's efforts. The questions in this 40-item assessment will do just that. This assessment is a powerful way to send the message to people in your organization that you care about their balance. Contact Barbara to discuss bringing this to your organization.

Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment for Executives
It probably won't surprise you to find out that over 70% of executives have significant problems with work-life balance. This needs careful management so that both performance and well-being are addressed. This 40-item assessment is a modified version of the Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment that has been specially designed to address the unique challenges of an executive lifestyle. Send an email and ask for some sample questions from the assessment to be sent to you.

360 interviews
While the traditional 360 multi-rater assessment has its place, interviews by an objective, neutral third party are an even better way to get feedback that is highly relevant. With 360 interviews, a skilled coach interviews the people who are most strategic to you, to your success, and to your development. After the interviewing is completed, the coach consolidates and delivers the information to you. This approach is especially valuable for executives who want develop their leadership potential. If you're interested in this tailored approach to understanding how you affect others, contact Barbara to discuss coaching options.

Communication Skills Assessment
If miscommunication is a problem for you or your organization, this assessment assesses the cause and points to the solution. It assesses 21 communication competencies and 107 behaviors that are the underpinnings of the competencies. It can be used as a self-assessment or as a 360. When an entire team is assessed, the sources of miscommunication can be identified and the behaviors to focus on are very clear.

Customizable Booklets & Guides

The following customizable booklets and guides can be adapted for a variety of purposes. When used as promotional items, they are an effective way to distinguish yourself or your business by adding unexpected value and being associated with a message that offers value and integrity.

Both the outside and inside cover can be customized to include your logo and promotional information. Please call or email for additional information on customization.

Work-Life Effectiveness Tips
This 25 page booklet contains 95 tips to help individuals enhance their work-life effectiveness. This support for individuals is a powerful adjunct to organizational efforts.

Wellness Resource Guide
This is a 29 page guide to supportive work-life balance resources. It offers a clear description of 39 methods for Stress Reduction & Relaxation, Alternative Medicine, Body Work, Supportive Healing, Essential Nourishment and Personal Development.

Expand Your Personal Power Booklet
This 29 page pocket-size quick reference guide contains 114 tips, reminders and questions to help strengthen personal power and manage relationships more effectively.

Ways to use the Booklets & Guides


  • Support the development of direct reports, using the material as the basis for feedback or encouragement
  • Use to create a more productive work climate
  • Offer it to create an expectation of personal responsibility

Sales & Service Professionals

  • Give as a gift to current and potential customers
  • Link it with an invitation to do future business

Human Resources Providers

  • Augment current training and programs
  • Support leadership development programs
  • Provide “just in time” support for
    struggling employees and teams

Project Managers

  • Set the tone for the entire project
  • Provide guidelines for how to deal with predictable challenges that could sabotage the project
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