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How to Prevent Miscommunication

For communication to be effective, it has to be free of needless miscommunication. When communication is fragmented, ambiguous, contradictory or short-circuited in other ways, businesses lose money. When miscommunication occurs with a customer, the lifeline of your business is being needlessly drained.

When the necessary communication skills are in place, you and your organization can thrive. You can then:

  • Inspire others with your vision
  • Be a dynamic presenter
  • Influence others skillfully
  • Enter into difficult conversations confidently
  • Offer clear direction for diverse teams

Effective communication can be learned though coaching, by taking the Communication Skills Assessment, through 360 interviews, and through training.

Clear Communication Training

Courageous Communication

We all want to be heard, understood, and respected. And when effective communication like this happens, we become more trusting, loyal and productive. Work gets done and business thrives!

But this takes some effort and skill. It also takes courage. For those who usually don't speak up clearly or directly enough, it takes courage to say what they need to say. For those who are often too direct, too blunt, or even at times overbearing, it takes courage to move into a more open, yielding and sensitive place.

This full day workshop will help you or your group develop clearer, more courageous, direct and respectful communication so you can:

  • Be more powerful and effective
  • Reduce misunderstandings and conflict
  • Develop long-term vital relationships
  • Increase productivity and minimize needless re-work
  • Stop wasting time, energy, and money through needless miscommunication

View the Courageous Communication fact sheet and learn more about this powerful training.

Say It: Find the Words for Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are necessary but often avoided. This half-day workshop asks each participant to focus on one difficult conversation that they currently face. They are given guidelines for how to say what needs to be said, practice saying it and then receiving feedback. Click here for more information.

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
--George Bernard Shaw

Try This Out

Here is just one of the skills that participants develop in the communication workshops:

When you verify what you've heard another person say, you can increase the accuracy of your communication by up to 75%.

How much wasted time, energy and resources do you think you would save if you and your organization applied just this one essential communication skill? Even one costly communication short-circuit may be more than you can afford.

How much do you think you'd save by applying this principle over and over?

The Cost of Miscommunication information sheet will show you how to calculate the cost.

"I've changed by giving employees daily or weekly feedback. I talk more often and offer guidance to employees rather than saying something once a year that leads to an employee freak out."
---Andy Johnson, President, Gerrish Bearing

Talk it Over

Any of the above elements may be selected and adapted for the needs of your organization. Contact Barbara to discuss which combination is best for your group.

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