The Client: Senior Director, Forbes International Top 100, Electronics Company

The initial coaching goal was to solicit support on how to transition into a different role in the organization. Once she moved into a new position she needed to create sustainable relationships in a complex, cross-functional organization that had both rigid and fluid underpinnings.

The Process

"I didn't get the first position I applied for, but there was the possibility of a new position. We worked on lessons learned from not getting the first job and then on positioning me for the next opportunity.

She helped me define my new role and its importance in a cross functional matrix. A critical element of this was looking at how my new group related to the rest of the organization and creating/ensuring interdependencies.

We looked at my own blind spots internally and how they relate to managing up to my boss, or managing across or down."

The Benefits

"I successfully transitioned into a different role in the organization. It was a total job change. I had been in a support position for 25 years. Now I'm in a line position with 100 people directly and indirectly underneath me.

I've gained the ability to guide two new competent, dedicated direct reports to see the world differently. I have been able to help them understand that our environment has changed, infrastructure has changed, so we can't stay where we were.

I figured out my role in a cross functional matrix; developed and maintained new, key relationships.

There's been an extreme benefit in sitting down to regularly focus on what I need to work on, to create that focal point and then verbalize it to Barbara."

Barbara's Impact

"Barbara helped me recognize some of the pitfalls or issues that I have run into, like things my direct reports do that trigger a reaction in me, causing me to react in a less effective way. She recognizes what it is that causes me to react one way rather than another.

I find Barbara to be very insightful. She identifies my blind spots and feeds them back to me so I can reflect on them and can see them. When you're trying to look at something that is difficult to see, she makes a point and keeps you in a place so you're open to receiving it.

She's very effective at coaching. She presents challenging questions for reflection to help me see and figure things out for myself. She guides you through your thought process to find the right answers for you.

She's very intelligent, sensitive, straightforward but very supportive. I enjoy calling and talking with her. She's a confidante and a support."

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