Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to accelerate your professional or personal development or the development of your team. There are many types of coaching and they all have one thing in common: an intensive focus on who you are, what you are really hungry for, what is holding you back, and powerful tools and processes for catapulting you forward.

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Executive Coaching

This is designed for executives and emerging leaders who are serious about developing into even more powerful and effective leaders.

Professional and Transition Coaching

When you're in a life transition, want to make some kind of professional change, need to re-invent yourself or your life, or want to prepare for the next career move, coaching could be your best next step.

Work-Life Effectiveness Coaching

If you are too stressed or if your work-life balance is precarious or has fallen off the cliff, you may be paying a bigger price than you can afford. With professional support, new skills and innovative tools, you'll find a renewed commitment to your well-being and achieve measurable results.

Team and Group Coaching

Coaching can be utilized by an entire executive team, high potential team or a team charged with a strategic project. It can also be used with a group of peers who need to strengthen cross collaboration skills.


Facilitation is technically not coaching, but often has elements of individual and team coaching. The facilitator coaches informally, through suggestions and offering tools that will highlight and bring clarity to dynamics that need attention.

After a facilitated team event, it can be very effective to follow-up with brief individual coaching for participants. This encourages individual responsibility for team challenges.

"On a Scale of 1-10 with 10 highest, I’d rate the value of Barbara’s coaching as a 10! Within a few months of working with Barbara, I felt I’d made great strides. The results I achieved were exactly what I was looking for.

I learned to organize my time and refocus strategically for my company so I can do what's best for it over the long term. I now focus on one, five and ten year plans for the company rather than $50 mistakes. I've learned that my role is to be forward thinking and make sure we’re successful 5-10 years from now.

Barbara helped me get to where I needed to be faster. I'm now a more effective leader.”

--Andy Johnson, President, Gerrish Bearing

What You Can Expect

We always begin with a discussion of who you are, your situation and what you need at this point in time. Barbara will then make some kind of recommendation for the best way to go forward.

Sometimes, a referral is made to another professional. Barbara will only work with people she believes she can assist and with whom there seems to be a good fit.

Already Know You Need Coaching?

If you already know you need coaching and haven't yet done anything about it, do yourself a huge favor. Pick up the phone and talk to Barbara. Whether you decide to work with her or not, it will help move you forward.

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