Seminars, Workshops and Training

These seminars, training and workshops act as a catalyst for powerful, eye-opening insights. They provide practical techniques that can can be applied both at work and at home. Participants leave equipped with dynamic tools for transformation.

Our training is innovative and practical. The concepts, models and activities are rooted in best practices and made clear and accessible through outstanding learning materials. Click on each title for more information.

Performance & Balance: Dynamic Tools for Work & Life

Sustainable, elite performance depends on more than hard work or busyness. When high performers have the tools to make responsible work-life choices, their effectiveness increases even more. The Performance & Balance: Dynamic Tools for Work & Life provides these tools.

Balance is not optional. When workers are in a state of imbalance, mistakes are made, morale is low, productivity suffers, more days are lost to sick leave and retention is low. When workers take personal responsibility for work-life effectiveness they become healthier, happier, and more engaged employee. This means better focus, fewer mistakes, and a consistently higher level of performance. Click for more information.

Communication Training

For communication to be effective, it has to be free of needless miscommunication. When the necessary communication skills are in place, you and your organization can thrive.

Courageous Communication

We all want to be heard, understood, and respected. And when effective communication like this happens, we become more trusting, loyal and productive. Work gets done and business thrives!

But this takes some effort and skill. It also takes courage. For those who usually don't speak up clearly or directly enough, it takes courage to say what they need to say. For those who are often too direct, too blunt, or even at times overbearing, it takes courage to move into a more open, yielding and sensitive place.

This full day workshop will help you or your group develop clearer, more courageous, direct and respectful communication. Click for more information.

Say It! Find the Words for Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are often necessary and often avoided. This half-day workshop asks each participant to focus on one difficult conversation that they currently face. They are given guidelines for how to say what needs to be said, create a script and then receive feedback. Special emphasis is placed on communicating with respect for self and others in order to optimize productive ongoing communication. Click for more information.

The Contact Zone Board Game and Training

The Contact Zone™ Board Game and The Contact Zone™: Power & Influence training shows participants how to influence others by relying less on position power and more on personal power. They learn about four limiting reactive patterns and four corresponding, relational antidotes that are essential tools in developing emotional intelligence and committed teams.

New skills are anchored by playing the Contact Zone™ Board Game. The game is interactive and provides intensive skill-based feedback. This is an excellent training for team building and communication between team members. Click for more information.

The Enlightened Edge;
for Leaders, Creatives, and Change Agents

This seminar will work with principles from The Enlightened Edge for Leaders: Ignite the Power of You. We will use the book as a launching pad to greater personal and professional expansion. You'll emerge as a more powerful change agent who can lead both yourself and your client to greater expansion, freedom, and fulfillment.

This is a fantastic opportunity to work deeply and powerfully not only with me, but with a group of dedicated individuals who are each committed to greater mastery and transformation in their lives. Click here for more information.

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