"Barbara's gift for gentle probing and questioning brings out the best in me. Her laser-like perception helps get to the heart of the matter quickly, while she patiently illuminates issues. In doing so, she has taught me to explore matters courageously. The result: Her validating coaching style has made me feel confident as I move forward to build my business with people of integrity. As a marketing consultant and entrepreneurial coach, I am kept on my toes with various strong personality styles. Barbara Bouchet has helped me to stay true to my vision while I choose clients and work that fit my values and personal vision of my ideal life."
     ---- Lenora Edwards, Marketing, Consulting, Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Goals for Initial Meeting: "I'm looking to combine my experience, develop more leadership skills and evolve from the project manager/get-the-work-done role to more of a manager-with-a-vision. I would like an action plan for developing the vision/skills/chutzpah needed to go on a larger scale."
One session later: "Thank you for one of the most productive hours I've had in years! I now have a spreadsheet with steps and action items. We're still mulling over the big issues you identified, which cleared the fog on the whole decision-making process."
       ---- Kathy Burrows, Director, Amateur Science Alliance

"Your coaching allowed me to focus on several corporate and personal issues that had been nagging me for a long period of time. Our discussions allowed me time to reflect on possible solutions and to see these issues in context with the important things in my life. These moments of reflection also allowed me to develop a balanced view of my personal and professional lives. Thus, I have become more productive in both areas." 
     ---- Lawrence Hentz, Vice President of PBS&J, Engineering and Construction Services

"The coaching process with Barbara was focused and efficient. She was very intuitive and perceptive, always paid close attention to what was being said and didn't let anything 'slip by'. I appreciated the space she gave to me to figure things out on my own without attempting to tell me what I was thinking or what was best for me. She was very supportive."
     ---- Craig Rowley, Consultant, former Vice President, Bank of America

"I have consulted with Barbara under many circumstances and found her to have terrific insight into business and personal situations. Her foundational understanding of leadership and it's demands and potential pitfalls have helped me make strategic decisions at critical times. I would highly recommend her as a coach and trainer."
     ---- Stephanie Reynolds, Stephanie Reynolds Consulting

"Barbara was a wonderful mentor, helping me link isolated islands in my life and energy into an integrated sense of being. I deeply appreciate the questioning and enthusiasm she brought to my sessions."
     ---- Jhampa Shaneman, Buddhist teacher and founder of Thubten Choling Dharma Center

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