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Leadership Development

Effective leadership requires a high level of personal awareness, relationship intelligence and organizational influence. When there is a gap in awareness or skills, there is also a development opportunity.

Sometimes the gap is obvious but often it isn't. At a certain point, especially when career advancement depends more on leadership than on technical expertise, the gaps become highly relevant and blind spots can become career killers.

When these gaps are resolved and assets are leveraged, you can create strong and spirited leadership.


Assessments, executive coaching, training, group coaching and written materials can all be part of a comprehensive focus on leadership development.


A well rounded leader will be able to understand, anticipate and respond skillfully to:

  • Those more senior
  • Their peers
  • The organization they lead
  • Other business groups

The best way to get this perspective is through honest feedback. A skilled, trusted coach can gather feedback through strategic interviews or 360 degree assessments and weave the information into the coaching.

Individuals and groups can also be assessed using a variety of other instrument such as a multi-rater assessment to evaluate communication and relational skills, the MBTI, the FIRO-B or the Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment.


Coaching is available for individual executives, groups or intact teams.


Facilitation is often used for strategic planning, cross group collaboration, process consulting, conflict resolution, creative think tanks and for business offsite meetings. It is especially important for high impact groups and relationships.


Contact Point Associates offers several types of training. We also design and deliver training for your specific needs.

Written Materials

Barbara's book, The Enlightened Edge for Leaders: Ignite the Power of You is an excellent way to get ready for more intensive work with a coach or to prepare for a facilitated retreat. The books listed in Recommended Reading may be useful as well.

Leaders must be prepared for an unexpected crisis; whether it is large or small in scope.

Leading Through Crisis™ is a succinct, 12 point guide, outlining what leaders need to know BEFORE a crisis occurs. The guide was inspired by the events of 9/11, but the principles can be applied to any kind of crisis.

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"I'm more focused now. Barbara's attention to executive development helped me get clearer on what an executive should and shouldn't be doing. Now I have the potential to double the sales of our company in the next two years.

Barbara helped me change and strengthen the relationships with my employees, so I could be a more effective leader.  It’s very easy now to give them the direction they need or talk to them about what needs to be done."

--Andy Johnson, President, Gerrish Bearing

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