The Contact Zone™: Power & Influence Training

The Contact Zone™: Power & Influence Training shows participants how to rely less on position power and more on personal power, in order to influence others. They learn about four limiting reactive patterns and four corresponding, relational antidotes. Leaders who take this training develop more personal power and a more versatile leadership style.

The Contact Zone™ Board Game is a central feature of this training. It relies heavily on interactive feedback. Participants have a chance to quickly apply and demonstrate new learning as they try out new skills. They receive safe, structured feedback from other players and along the way they also have some fun!

Benefits for the Individual

  • Recognize your power patterns and develop possible alternatives.
  • Increase emotional intelligence and strengthen relationships.
  • Prepare for and manage difficult conversations.
  • Influence others with greater positive impact.
  • Develop personal power when position power isn't enough.
  • Practice giving and receiving specific, thoughtful, constructive feedback.

Benefits for the organization

  • Build commitment, collaboration and high performing teams.
  • Build positive relationships within and between departments as well as in cross-functional teams.
  • Establish "best practices" for handling specific, difficult situations.
  • Develop and reinforce interpersonal skills as a follow-on to 360 feedback.

The Role of Leadership

When leaders instill commitment rather than compliance, productivity increases dramatically. When a team is committed, the result is added discretionary effort, collaboration and innovation that strengthens the entire organization.

The Contact Zone™:
the meeting space where people come into contact and have significant impact on each other.

"I learned so much today about negative patterns of leadership, and how to break those patterns...This is tremendous! "

"I love your reactive and relational transformation model."

--Workshop Participants

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