Assessments give you specific information in a distilled way. Each of the following assessments has a place in coaching and leadership development. For more information, click on each title.

Work-Life Effectiveness Assessment

Your work-life effectiveness is the foundation for success. But it can be elusive. Your balance is a dynamic dance that changes all the time. There is no rule or simple solution. But there are skills, principles and practices that can make all the difference.

360 Interviews

With 360 interviews, a skilled coach interviews the people who are most strategic to you, to your success, and to your development. After the confidential interviewing is completed, the coach consolidates and delivers the information to you. When feedback is acquired and delivered in this way, it is usually very well received.

Relational Communication Survey

Not all communication is relational. Often, communication is reactive and loaded with miscommunication. Excellent communication skills are relational because they take place in the context of a relationship and create connection. These skills can be learned and they can be assessed.

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